APGOOD makes available a wide range of regular and ad-hoc briefing material for use by the group’s members and their staff.  All members should have access to this database however if for some reason you have any problems accessing it please use the contact details on the contact page.
June 12th 2013
The ODI, Apgood and the Royal Africa Society host the UK launch of the 2013 African Economic Outlook report, featuring presentations by Mario Pezzini, Director of the OECD Development Centre, Steve Kayizzi-Mugerwa, Director of Research at the Africa Development Bank (AfDB) and Lanre Akinola, Editor at This is Africa, Financial Times. The AEO, a joint annual report from the AfDB, the OECD Development Centre, UNDP and UNECA, is currently the premier publication on Africa's development prospects and the only annual report that monitors in detail the economic performance of 53 individual countries on the continent, using a strictly comparable analytical framework. This event is chaired by Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead. 

May 15th 2013
The ODI and Apgood host a panel discussion on Africa's economic progress and the 'Africa Rising' narrative, bringing together a balanced group of panellists with diverse experiences and backgrounds. Speakers include The Economist's Africa Editor, Oliver August, Oxfam Head of Research, Ricardo Fuentes-Nieva, IMF Assistant Director of the Fiscal Affairs Department, Martine Guerguil and LSE Professor in African Development, Thandika Mkandawire. The event is chaired by Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead.


November 7th 2012
The panel, chaired by MP Hugh Bayley, presents the findings of the’ IMF Regional Economic Outlook for Africa’ Report  and discusses its implications for Africa and the rest of the world. Speakers include ODI Head of International Economic Development Group Dirk Willem te Velde and Deputy Director of the IMF Africa Department Sean Nolan.
June 27th 2012
Apgood and ODI host the UK launch of the ‘African Economic Outlook 2012’ Report. The panelists for this event will discuss Africa’s economic performance in 2011 and its growth prospects in 2012, Africa’s fastest and slowest growing countries in 2011, youth employment and the shortage of good jobs. Speakers include Deputy Director of OECD Development Centre Carlos Alvarez, and OECD Economist Jan Rielaender. The panel is chaired by David Laws MP.
May 8th 2012
Sustainable Development Goals - Feasible, desirable or a leap too far?

At this event convened by two of the UK’s leading international development organisations, the Overseas Development Institute and the Institute of Development Studies, a panel of experts will discuss the desirability and feasibility of sustainable development goals and explore how they might fit into the wider context of what replaces the Millennium Development Goals in 2015.  

February 22nd 2012
'Measuring the scope, defining the limits: weighing the evidence on microfinance'

Join the All Party Parliament Group on Overseas Development and David Roodman of the Centre for Global Development for a discussion on the development impacts of microfinance. One of the most controversial development initiatives the debate around microfinance is far from over. Whether they are sharks or saviours microfinanciers continue to play a significant role in many developing countries. A panel of global experts will discuss the net impacts of microfinance and look at prospects for the future.


October 24th 2011

'Brazil's rise in international development: unlocking the potential'

Jonathan Glennie - Research Fellow, ODI - and Minister Marco Farani -  Director, Brazilian Cooperation Agency join David Laws MP for a public event to debate explore Brazil’s emergence in international development against the backdrop of the world’s changing aid architecture and Brazil’s maturing democracy and explore the future prospects for Brazil’s cooperation agenda and its position in global affairs.
September 7th 2011
Peter Davis, Charlotte Wolff and Anton Mifsud Bonnici join David Laws MP for a public event to debate the role and impact of the private sector in generating and contributing to pro-poor growth and outcomes.
June 21st 2011  

'Between Humanity and Catastrophe'- DFID's response to the Humanitarian Emergency Response Review

Apgood was pleased to host a discussion of the official DFID response to the Humanitarian Emergency Response Review with the review’s author Lord Ashdown. Lord Ashdown was joined on the panel by Jane Cocking, Humanitarian Director at Oxfam and Simon Levine of the ODI based Humanitarian Policy Group.
 February 1st  2011  

World Bank Group President Zoellick addresses Apgood

Private NGO session with World Bank President Robert Zoellick. Apgood convened a meeting in conjunction with the World Bank and the International Development Select Committee for a discussion of topical issues.  The session was attended by a significant number of NGO representatives.


November 23rd 2010
The Real Wealth of Nations- Pathways to human development- UK launch of the Human Development Report
UK launch of Human Development Report with UNDP Administrator Helen Clark. This joint event between the APPG on Africa and Apgood was attended by an audience of over 80 development experts. 

November 17th 2010
The role of the European Union in delivering development

Apgood member-only event with Stephen O’Brien, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Development. Members will be joined for a light lunch by representatives of the European Development Cooperation Support Group to discuss the role of the European Union in delivering development and the relationship between the UK and Europe on these issues.

September 14 2010
'Delivering results in development- pound for pound, what is the best deal?'
Secretary of State for International Development Andrew Mitchell and World Bank Managing Director Ms Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala joined David Laws for a public event to launch Apgood for a new Parliament. Details of the event can be found here.


June 27th 2009

At this final event of the ODI/DfID climate change speaker series, we discussed the UK’s pivotal role in International Development and Climate Change, its leadership and ongoing challenges. Speakers included Lord Adair Turner and Head of DFID Climate and Environment Group Elwyn Grainger Jones. The event was chaired by John Battle MP (Apgood)

June 16th 2009
To mark the International Day of the African Child, this public event jointly hosted by APGOOD and Save the Children debated priorities for reducing child mortality. John Battle MP chaired the event and was joined by the following speakers: Alison Evans, Director of Overseas Development Institute; Antonio Gumende, High Commissioner for Mozambique; and, David Mepham, Director of Policy at Save the Children.
March 16th 2009
This meeting presented findings and policy lessons from Institutions for Pro-Poor Growth (IPPG), a DFID-funded research programme about the creation, change and reform of institutions for promoting economic growth and inclusive development in Africa and South Asia. This closed event was chaired by Hugh Bayley MP, speakers included: Ivan Lewis MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development; Dr Adrian Leftwich, University of York, Co-director IPPG; Professor Kunal Sen, University of Manchester, Co-director IPPG; and, Dr Blessings Chinsinga, University of Malawi.
January 19th - June 3rd 2009
This public event series co-hosted by APGOOD, the All Party Parliamentary Climate change Group (APPCCG) and the Department for International Development (DfID) aimed to accelerate consensus-building around climate change and give renewed impetus to development-friendly outcomes in Copenhagen.


John Battle MP was joined by Amjad Saleem, Muslim Aid Country Director, Sri Lanka, and Dr Gerard Clarke, Senior Lecturer in Development Studies from the University of Swansea, to discuss their experiences of their work on the global cross-faith partnership in Sri Lanka.
October 14th 2008
'Soaring prices, rising hunger: What next in the global food crisis?'
Co-hosted by the United Nations Association UK and chaired by Rt Hon Tony Baldry MP, Dr. Jaques Diouf - Director-General, FAO and Simon Maxwell, ODI, described and discussed FAO efforts to meet the challenge of feeding a world population projected to reach 9 billion in 2050.
July 15th 2008

At this ODI/Apgood event, Professor Frances Stewart (Director, Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity) will look at horizontal inequalities in connection to recent political developments in Kenya. The event is chaired by Rt. Hon. John Battle MP

May 12th 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Chaired by John Battle MP, Masood Ahmed - Director of the External Relations Department, IMF and Chair of the IMF Working Group on Low Income Countries, Lauren Phillips - Research Fellow, International Economic Development Group, ODI, and Kato Lambrechts - Senior Policy Officer: Africa, Christian Aid debated and explored the role of the IMF in low-income countries.
February - March 2008                                                                                                                                                                                   
'Pushing growth up the development agenda'
A series of meetings which explored responses to the DFID Ministerial challenge to push growth up the development agenda, and tackle some of the questions it raised.


December 5th 2007
'Youth and Development: Learning the Lessons of the World Development Report 2007'
In this ODI, APGOOD, Chronic Poverty Research Centre and Peace Child International public event,
Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP - Secretary of State for International Development and Andrew Mitchell MP - Shadow Secretary of State for International Development joined Ann McKechin MP to explore the critical issue of youth and how it is being pursued as both a global and local issue.
October 11th 2007
'Meeting the Development Challenge'
The Secretary of State for International Development, Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP, joined John Battle MP, APGOOD chair, to discuss the priorities for meeting the development challenge at the MDG mid-point.
October 10th 2007
'The Commitment to Development Index 2007 - Launch Briefing'
Co-hosted by the Centre for Global Development, David Roodman - Research Fellow, Center for Global Development, Gareth Thomas MP - Under Secretary of State for International Development, DFID and Faizel Ismail - Headof the South African Delegation to the WTO joined John Battle MP - Chair, APGOOD, to discuss the results of the 2007 Commitment to Development Index. 
July 19th 2007
'MDG midpoint: Too little progress? The UN Millenuim Development Goals Report 2007'
Co-hosted by APGOOD, United Nations Association UK (UNA-UK) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) this public event discussed the 2007 UN MDG Report as well as the future of the MDGs and development efforts more widely.
June 21st 2007
In a public event chaired by Rt Hon Malcolm Bruce MP, Chair, International Development Committee, Mrs Sadako Ogata, President, Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) discussed Japan's evolving role within the G8.
April 18th 2007
The first meeting in this series examined the role that parliaments can play in delivering governance which is good for poverty reduction and democracy. Asking how effective developing country parliaments are in practice and examine the reasons for good and bad parliamentary performance. Speakers included Alan Hudson (ODI Research Fellow) and Nial Johnston (WBI). The event was chaired by Baroness Jane Whitaker (APPG Executive) 
At this APGOOD, Fabian Society and ODI event hosted by the Institute of Education, the Secretary of State for International Development, Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP addressed the question of whether policy makers and practitioners can learn lessons about poverty reduction strategies across the boundary between developed and developing countries. Specifically, are there lessons from UK government successes which could be transferred to the South, and vice-versa? 

2006 - 2007

January- June 2007
2005 was heralded as a historic year for international development and an unrivalled opportunity for the UK government to provide leadership at the G8 summit at Gleneagles, through the UK Presidency of the EU, at the MDGs Summit in New York and at the WTO Hong Kong Ministerial. What was achieved? How can the momentum be sustained and what are the major issues and challenges that lie ahead? This ODI and APGOOD series seeks to answer such questions. Meetings in this series included:

This event is part of a series where key people in political world investigate how the momentum gained in 2005 for international development can be sustained. In this event, Lynne Featherstone MP, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on International Development, offers her perspective.

This event is part of a series where key people in political world investigate how the momentum gained in 2005 for international development can be sustained. In this event, Andrew Mitchell MP, Conservative Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, offers his perspective.

This event is part of a series where key people in political world investigate how the momentum gained in 2005 for international development can be sustained. In this event, Gareth Thomas MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development, offers his perspective.

The fourth meeting in the 'What Next in International Development' series saw Rt Hon Geoff Hoon MP examine Europe's role in global issues.

Kermal Dervis discussed the High Level Panel on UN System Wide Coherence, the UN's role in the multilateral system and about managing change.

Commissioner Benita-Ferrero-Waldner, EU Commissioner for External Affairs and European neighbourhood Policy, and Simon Maxwell, ODI, joined Rt Hon John Battle MP to discuss human security and aid effectiveness.

Gareth Thomas MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development, Simon Maxwell, ODI, and Dame Margaret Anstee, Former Under Secretary-General of the UN joined Tom Clarke MP, Member of Parliament for Coatbridge, Chryston & Bellshill to discuss the UN and the decision making of the High Level Panel.

In this ODI and APGOOD public event, Hilde F Johnson, Former Minister for Internatioanl Development, Norway , joins Baroness Janet Whitaker to discuss Africa, HIV/AIDs and the MDGs.
Donald Kaberuka, President African Development Bank joins John Battle MP to discuss the role of the regional development banks in delivering aid.

In this ODI and APGOOD public event,Secretary of State, the Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP, gave his final presentation as part of the White Paper Consultation, entitled 'An international development system fit for the 21st century'.

Richard Manning, Chair, Development Assistance Committee, OECD and Andrew Lawson, ODI Research Fellow, join John Battle MP to discuss the impact of emerging donors on the aid and development landscape.
Dr Ashraf Ghani, Vice -Chancellor, University of Kabul & Former Finance Minister, Afghanistan, and Clare Lockhart, ODI Research Fellow, join Tony Baldry MP to discuss impacts of globalisation on global governance.
Rt Hon. Donald C. McKinnon, Secretary-General, Commonwealth Secretariat and Diana Cammack, Research Fellow, Poverty and Public Policy Group, ODI join Tom Clarke MP to discuss democracy and its importance on the aid agenda.

Rt. Hon. Gareth Thomas MP, Rt. Hon. Gareth Thomas MP, Under-Secretary of State for International Development and Matt Phillips, Save the Children Fund & Make Poverty History Campaign join John Battle MP to take a retrospective look at the aid agenda in 2005 with an aim to look forward to the future of the aid landscape in 2006.



October 24th 2006
This was the first public event to be co-hosted by APGOOD and All Parliamentary Party Climate Change Group on global poverty and climate change. It aimed to explore the intricate relationships between what have been described as the two most pressing issues of our generation.
October - November 2006
'Disasters and Development: From Relief to Preparedness and Risk Reduction' - Meeting Series
An ODI, APGOOD, Development Studies Association and International Strategy for Disaster Reduction public event meeting series aiming to address some of the problems involved in operationalising the linkages between disaster risk reduction and the development process.

The first meeting in this series on 'Disasters and Development' reviewed the state of the knowledge base and the current policy framework regarding the linkages between disasters and development. Speakers included Margareta Wahlstrom, Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, United Nations, and Jennifer Worrell, Senior Programme Advisor, UNDP Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery, Geneva Disaster Risk Reduction Unit.

This event included a discussion of countries where chronic problems such as poverty, disease, hunger and drought are endemic, and of poverty issues more generally as factors in disaster vulnerability. Chaired by Tony Baldry MP, Vice-Chair, APGOOD, this event included speakers Terry Jeggle, UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) and Ken Westgate, Regional Disaster Reduction Advisor, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Nairobi.

The third meeting in this series on 'Disasters and Development' addressed the issues of donor and international institution financing and its relevance (or not) for disaster risk reduction. Speakers included Kari Keipi, Senior Natural Resource Specialist, Sustainable Development Department, Inter-American Development Bank and Jim Drummond, Director, UN, Conflict and Humanitarian Division, DFID. Chaired by Baroness Janet Whitaker, Vice-Chair, APGOOD

This event examined the often neglected issue of managing emergency relief funding, and the accountability of donors for the assistance they provide, especially given that donor activity is often driven by the media's presentation of disasters, making the integration of mitigation, recovery and development with risk reduction extremely difficult. Speakers included Jack Jones, CHASE, DFID, and Terry Cannon, University of Greenwich.

June 20th 2006
'The DAC Peer Review of the UK'
In this ODI and APGOOD public event
Richard Manning, Chair, Development Assistance Committee, OECD and Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP, Parliamentary Secretary of State for International Development joined Rt Hon John Battle MP to discuss The DAC Peer Review of the UK.
 June 7th 2006
'Improving Information on UK deveopment aid: The International Development (reporting and transparency) Bill'
This ODI and APGOOD public event  saw Tom Clarke MP and Baroness Janet Whitaker discuss The International Development (Reporting & Transparency) Bill.


November 30th 2005
This event discussed a bill whose origins lay in Goal 8 of the Millennium Development Goals. The Bill gives developed countries the responsibility to ensure the success of the first seven goals.  The UK has a responsibility to ensure that those goals are fulfilled.  The bill is a more formal way of taking the goals and putting them into a logical framework under which the UK government can work. 
October 12th 2005
In this ODI and APGOOD public event, Andrew Natsios, Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, joined John Battle, MP to debate international development policy.
October - December 2005
In a year when Africa was at the forefront of concerns ranging from the G8 to Tony Blair’s Commission, APGOOD hosted a public meetings series focusing on the role of agriculture in lifting Africa out of poverty. Meetings in this series included:

Speakers: Patrick Alley, Global Witness and Arthur Neiland, Institute for Sustainable Development and Aquatic Resources (IDDRA).

This policy paper highlights the central role which HMG gives to agriculture in stimulating pro-poor growth in developing countries, emphasises its extensive linkages with the wider economy in developing countries, lays out the principles underlying the policy and identifies seven priority areas for action and future funding.

Speakers: David Gregory, Head of Food Technology, Marks and Spencer Plc & Dr William Vorley, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

Speakers: George Rothschild, former Director-General, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) & former Chief Scientific Adviser to the Australian Minister for Overseas Development & Prof Ian Scoones, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

Speakers: Andrew Dorward, Imperial-at-Wye, University of London & Prof Thom Jayne, Michigan State University

Speakers: Dr Klaus Deininger, World Bank and Dr. Camilla Toulmin, Director, IIED and member of the EU Taskforce on Land 

Speakers: Peter Hazell, Director, Development Strategy & Government Division, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) & Prof Paul Collier, Director, Centre for the Study of African Economies, Oxford University, & former Head of Research, World Bank

March 11 2005
This event addressed the ability and desirability of efforts to secure large volume increases in aid to support of the achievement of the MDGs and gave ODI and APGOOD the opportunity to host the UK launch of the DAC Annual Development Co-operation report.
September 17 2003
This event outlined the potential partnerships and future for Europe's relationship with Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. Speakers included Glenys Kinnock, MEP and Co-President of the EU-ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly and Adrian Hewitt, Research Fellow and Research Adviser to APGOOD, ODI. Chaired by Sir Michael McWilliam ODI Council Member
July 9  2003
This event considered issues for Europe's role in development over the coming years. Speakers included Baroness Valerie Amos, Secretary of State for International Development and Simon Maxwell, Director, Overseas Development Institute (ODI). Chaired by Tony Worthington MP, APGOOD