The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Overseas Development (Apgood) was established in 1984 as a forum for parliamentarians to engage in debates around how best to promote the economic and social development of poor and vulnerable countries.

Much has changed in the following 26 years; we live in a world where the poorest people no longer live in the poorest countries and development is no longer a north/south process.  Yet the need for an independent forum in which parliamentarians can grapple with salient development issues of the day is as pressing as ever.  Apgood has always been able to attract influential speakers and participants to its events and the global reach of the Group’s Overseas Development Institute (ODI) secretariat ensures a contemporary relevance to well-established and emerging debates.

Apgood launched its programme for the 2010/2011 Parliament on September 14th with a public discussion entitled ‘Pound for Pound: What’s the best deal for Development?’ which was attended by Secretary of State Andrew Mitchell and World Bank Managing Director Ms Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. Further events are scheduled take on a variety of formats reflecting the pressures of the Parliamentary timetable; including member-only briefings and roundtables.

Since then the Comprehensive Spending Review and subsequent establishment of an Independent Commission for Aid impact have framed the development debate in the UK for the coming years. In order to reflect the stated interests of Apgood members the group will focus on a triple theme of value for money, growth and governance.